I am H. I am super interested in the messy dance between sexuality and gender. I am currently splitting my time between community engagement and my PhD studies at the University of Brighton. I love chatting about sex, bodies and how we make meaning out of intimacy and identities.

When I am not doing these things I am hanging out with my dog or growing things in the garden. Sign up for my newsletter to hear about upcoming events or drop me a line to say hello.

What others are saying about working with H

There was not even the briefest whiff of ‘binary’ – it felt like just this entirely unhedged landscape where not only all people and all genders but also all emotions and all energy-states were explicitly and repeatedly welcomed and affirmed. Boundaries were explicitly celebrated. And all done in this oozingly gorgeously light way


So many special things…The carefullness in the interactions with participants. Choice and therefore consent at every junction, also now: feedback or not, Survey Monkey or mail, anonymous or not, feedback used for marketing purposes or not… This is really very special!! What’s preached is being practiced. And I could therefore relax in feeling safe. The making of the manual for intimacy I particularly liked, I am having so much fun doing that now!


Great effort was put in making it a safe place, and that totally worked. I quickly felt connected to everyone in the room. Also great that we had so much dialogue and mutual understanding among the participants. Lots of interesting, intense or profound experiences and helpful words were shared. I’m grateful you made room for that.