I am in my first year of my research project ‘How we Fuck’: exploring the ways trans people navigate bodies in sex.

My project seeks to explore the diverse and complex ways in which trans people experience sex and sexuality. The dominant discourse frames the trans experience as universal and fixed, with past research focusing on how dysphoria and the ‘wrong body’ narrative renders sex problematic. The reality for many trans people is fluid and plural; we navigate queer bodies and sexualities with a variety of tools, and with often affirming results. Anecdotal evidence points, for example, to the use of  language to reframe materiality, to intention, to the queer act of asking to be seen, and to alternative sexual practices such as BDSM and tantra, as empowering trans experiences of sex. The aim of my research is to use queer creative methods to elicit data which explores ‘how we fuck’. The findings generated will foreground the trans lived experience, making visible an alternative to the dominant narrative. This may inform services for trans people, updating therapeutic discourses within psychotherapy and trans healthcare.

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