Past Events
20th July 2017: The Brighton Trans and Non Binary Conference 2017, paper: ‘(Un)doin’ it: Fucking Whilst Trans’. Brighton, UK.
8th April 2017: Fuck Gender: Sex With the Lights On, Pink Fringe, Brighton, UK.

24th-25th Sept 2016: Fuck Gender: A Queer Sex workshop, London, UK.


16th-17th January 2016: Hands On Festival – Ultrecht, Holland. SOLD OUT

27th April 2015: Queer Experiments :: Non-Binary?!, Hackney Attic, London, UK.14th-15th May 2016: Genderless Sex two day workshop, Ultrecht, Holland.

Wednesday 4th February 2015 – 6-10pm “Genderless Sex” A queer sex Workshop by Hollie Howitt, Melbourne, Australia.

Monday 2nd February 2015 – 8pm – Live Radio interview with Hollie Howitt on Joy 94.9 FM. Listen here

Tuesday 5th August 2014 – 7.30pm “Genitals =/= Gender” A talk as part of Wotever World’s ‘Wotever Sex’ series.

Check out the Facebook event for more information.

Sunday 12th October 2014 – 1-4pm “Breathing Queerly” A workshop for LGBT*QI people 18-25Check out the Facebook event for more information